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So I've had my jackson chameleon since the 15th of June, and about 1 week ago he had his first shed. Most of it is gone, but there are still tiny pieces of skin on his body and a big piece on his head. I bought something for him to shed easier, but I think its just a waste of money because it doesn't work well. So finally today I grabbed a Q-tip and got it wet, I rubbed it against the dead skin gently. Most of the shedding came of but there is still a lot of shedding on his head. Is my humidity off or something, I mist his cage 7-8 times a day? Should I just let it fall off by itself?
Try putting a plant in the shower and get it warm, not hot. Point the shower head towards the wall and let this mist hit your cham. make sure the door is closed to keep humidity high and let him sit for about 15 mins. This will really help loosen the skin up, making it easier to fall off. Do this once everyday for a few days and see if it comes off. If not you can gently use a q-tip after a shower and see if you can slide the shed off. Never pull off skin by hand, you can injure your Cham.
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