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Hi first i want to start off by saying sorry for all the questions if you have read any of my other posts:p second i have a few more. how many crickets should i feed my 3-4 month veiled? Should the crickets be in a cup or free roaming? What should i do with the ones he doesnt eat? Do i have to leave a nightlight on for him? thank you for your time.
Dont worry about asking questions! There should be no nightligt at night. Chams like it very dark and cool at night. Crickets can be either in a cup or free roaming. If they are in a cup and it is not deep enough they may be able to jump out. You can take off the back legs and then they cannot jump. If you free roam the downside of this is you do not know what they have eaten unless you sit there and count them as they eat them. Crickets will hide and they will come out at night. You do not want to leave any crickets in your enclousre at night as they may bite your chameleon while sleeping. Lastly, the amount people feed their chameleons varies at that age and there is some debate over it on there sometimes. The consensus is though to feed a young chameleon everyday and pretty much as much as it wants. At 4 months I fed my cham about 15 1/4 inch crickets per day. I was told to do this from the breeder I bought him from so I went by what they told me.
he eats but very little normally only two crickets but i havent had him long and he still may be getting acclimated to his new home, thanks so much for the great help and advice as usual. :)
maybe he doesnt want you to watch him eat? my male veiled will only eat 7 at MOST if i watch him (and i have to be across the room pretending i'm not watching) but up to 10 if I leave the room. And he refuses to cup feed, 3 at most this way.
i just got my little guy from lll reptile last week, and he will usually eat at most 10 a day, and not at all if im even in the room. i gotta put them in the cup, then come back every now and then to check if he ate any.`
thanks guys/girls :) since he is little i want to start early on roaches because this will probably be my main staple, this should be better because they hopefully wont chew through reptarium mesh, tell me if im wrong on that one lol
My veiled cham has a big appetite at 4 months eating 13-15 crickets. ( i do cup feed and she doesn't mind ). I do not want her to eat to much though cause i don't want her to have bigger egg quantities as she gets older.
Yoshi are you cup feeding? my cham wouldnt eat much from his cup until i changed it to a much larger tub so the feeders could move around more.
He should be eating at least 10 to 12 appropriate size feeders everyday. Sometimes young Veileds don't like to cup feed and if the enclosure it too big they have a hard time hunting. If the food is too big they can't eat it and if they are too hot they want eat. Have you tried worms? Most like silkworms, hornworms and supers.
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