Questions on my "Dragon"


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Roughly 5 months ago (say between Thanksgiving and xmas) my husband and I brought home a veiled chamelon. He insists its male and I disagree.
We called our 3 year nephew for a name .. one look and the critter is christened "Dragon" At this point I would guess its 6 months old and aprox 8 inches

So anyway on to my question. .. Dragon has been very restless last 3 or 4 days. Moving all over the cage (which granted is small- we are in the process of building a much larger enclosure) almost always in it's "fired up" colors.

After reading all your wonderful postings I'm almost conviced that its a female. Now I'm concered she might be looking for a place to lay ... my question is if thats true is NOW WHAT?

will post pics shortly
What is your question? If you wanna know if it's male it will have spurs on his back feet. If you post a pic of his back feet someone can tell you for sure.
Look for bumps (spurs) on the hind feet at the joint, if present, it's male, if not, it's 'Dragoness'. :)

When she starts digging do not let her see you watching her or she will abandon the hole. If it happens often enough she can become eggbound and may die.

A female may dig several test holes but should decide on one and dig it until she's happy with it...turn around butt down (usually in the evening)...lay the eggs...fill the hole in and return to the branches.
Definitely a female. She is very pretty too. Looks like you're in good hands with everyone's info here on the forums.
"Daddy" wanted a boy so bad lol he didn't want to hear anything else.
I'm very proud of my little girl. She has a laying bin now .. you should have seen me driving all over creation at 10 at night, in the snow to find something for her to dig in.

I was just looking at the pics I posted last night. The blue color on the first one is totally new and is so neat looking.

Thanks for everyone's help :) Love this board
its amazing the extent we will go through to give our chams a healthy and happy life,i totally get the driving through snow thing,i have done it in a complete blizzard(almost had to drag one foot on the ground to make sure i was still on the pavement and not in the ditch lol) just to get crickets for mine haha,and yes i will do it again im sure next winter:D best wishes for your "little GIRL" :)
Wow what a surprise! I think her name should stay the same though :) looks like you have your answer . Good luck, and she is beautiful.:)
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