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So, this is the second time our little Astrid has laid eggs...the first time there were only 4 and definitely infertile. If these are fertile, it would be from a retained clutch... But I don't know how to tell if they are fertile or not. The first ones weren't very solid, small and molded quickly. I know they're not great pics, but can anyone tell me from the pics if they are fertile or not? And also, if they're too close together in the container...

Thanks guys and gals!



I third that. In my experience the infertile eggs are small and yellowish and the sand sticks to them all over.

and yay! i wasn't sure since it would be from a retained clutch!

they will be ambilobe x ambanja

when we were "newer" to identifying them ourselves, we were told our boy gargamel was an ambilobe...but after some researching, i decided i thought that was wrong and started asking some forum members/breeders and they confirmed the we'll have (unintentional) cross babies. :D
and yay, we have 22!! =) not too many i think...good size...though i think one might not make it....very thin and not quite so white on one side..
You're chams are gorgeous!!

aw...thanks!!! =) i have to admit, out of our 5 females, astrid's my fav. her daddy's quite the looker, too. one of amazing blue's. =) we just got lucky with gargamel and his bars get really purple, so maybe we'll get some good purple colors in the babies!
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