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I have been doing some research into keeping a few of the more unusual species of chameleons and I noticed a lot seem to require significantly lower temperature (Quads, and Montiums are what have my interest at the moment).

I was wondering how people set up their enclosures to accomodate the lower temperature requirements of these species (or if they actually need the lower temperatures rather than tolerating them).
mhmhhm well i know i have an ultrasonic humidifier that when i turn it on to increase the humidity it drops the temp by quite alot and the humidty wouldnt increase without the heat lamp


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Thanks, I already read up on how to set those up. I was just worried about the base temp being to high since I normally keep my house between 70-75 and rely on lamps to get cage temps up during the day.

If the ultrasonic humidifer makes a significant difference and I keep the heat lamps mounted a bit further away its a start.

You don't happen to know how much they tend to lower temperature from relative to room temp do you?
In general for my mountain species (melleri) I use the AC in summer to keep temps below 85-90 and I also use misting to keep them cool. In the summer when I have veileds outside mist was the only way to keep temps down. Veileds can take a lot higher temps than Melleri, but they still got a good soak when temps were in the 100's.

As far as general temp control I also use a Ecozone Vivarium control for a couple of cages.

The nice thing about moountain species is that in the cooler months you can let them get down to some of the temps they'll see in the wild. I almost think chams feel best at night when they get down to their min temps. Even my veileds outside in 50*F weather looked very content.



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That ecozone control looks excellent that sounds like exactly the type of thing needed for species that require more work to get the tempatures right thanks for the link.


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I've always kept my Fischer's, Quads and Dwarf Jackson's the same way I keep the female veileds...and they do well. They seem to be able to tolerate some short temperature spikes in the summer time as long as they are well watered.
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