Question on Dubia's...


So, I got about 200 mixed nymphs to start a colony with. They ranged in size from about 1/4"-3/4" max. My question is this... I have had them for about 2-3 weeks now and I have been swapping food and what not every other day and yesterday I finally looked around at all of them to see how they are growing, a few are noticeably bigger (1"), but can't differentiate between male and females yet. But, I noticed probably 20-30 small, small ones, like 1/8" and I never saw those before. Is it possible for them to have already bred? Or am I losing it?
For sure, that's what I've been doing. Arizona is already hot (in the 90s) so they are definitely getting the heat. Anything particular you notice they like to eat? I tried kale, oranges, carrot, romaine, potato? Anything else??
You can determine the sex of the small ones if you examine them closely the last scale near the but on females is double the size of a males (Sexing Dubias Link about halfway down for a good image). Other than that when they hit maturate the males get kings and the females just get little stubs. This happens between 1 -1.5 inches.

If yours ar 1 inch now they should hit maturity in a the next couple weeks. Make sure they have a hot zone in the 90s and a cool zone in the 70s. A reproductive cycle lasts about a month.
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