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My veiled chamy is 3 months old.. I was told to give him Reptical calcium w/o phosphorus 3x's a week and calcium d3 2x's a month...

Should I also be giving him herptivite?
Yeah i would, i normally dust with calcium w/o d3 every other feeding and with d3 every other monday (2x's a month). i also dust with a multivitamin every other monday (2x's a month) opposite the d3. D3 one monday then multivitamin the next monday followed by d3 then mutivitamin etc. hope this helps. :D
Just a heads up btw. You do know that after he gets to adult size 8-9 mo you can cut back on the calcium to every other feeding. I'd still give the d3 2x a month though and the herp 1-2x a month.;)
Well he gets the calcium 3x's a week... every other day... so when he gets 8-9 months old I should decrease that amount?

I am going to get him the herptivite today!!!
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