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I was wondering if I housed my panther Cham in a screened / covered patio ( I live in south Florida ) should I still use UVB and heat ?
Your a little vague. Is there natural sunlight coming through; sides? Is it warm enough for panther to bask in the sunlight. How much does the screen filter sunlight out?
The sun does come through on one side but for a short time of the day , it is warm enough for sure , and it's just regular screening used not quite sure I'll post a pic , it's kind of hard to explain
I live in Fla also. Definitely no heat right now and depends on how much sun he is gonna get. If he is not getting much I would still use the uvb light. Also, our screen patios in the summer are like ovens as you know. Be careful leaving your chameleon outside all day, especially if you are not going to be home. I have found it to be too hot in the summer months especially with the hottest months coming up. I notice they will gape at times, cause they were too hot. The screen rooms are probably hotter than actually being outside in the shade. Use a temp gun and check out the temps.
It's something like this but only the front is screened and the side are solid


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that's exactly what I have. Like I said you just have to see how hot it is in their especially at the hottest time of the day. I have had mine out there in July and August free ranging and I would find them with their mouths open. Just be careful.
My screened patio does have fans and usually is cooler then outside of it but ill for sure see what the temps are , so would just a UVB bulb be sufficient since the outside temp would be ranging in 80-90
I would not use any more heat out there and just carefully monitor their behavior so they don't get over heated. Remember that certain parts of the day it is going to get way hotter out there, especially if it is a sunny day.
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