Question about LLLreptile screen cage


Hey all,
This might sound like a stupid question but im going online to buy a 24x24x48 lll screen cage. There is an option to choose black with black trim w/black screen or you can get Grey with grey trim w/grey screen. I was wondering what people prefer meening can youi see your animal better through the grey screen than the black screen? Also does the black screen potentially soak up more UVB since its black? Thanks I knoiw I sound anal but just want everything perfect! I would really appreciate all your opinions!:):)

I have both colors. I dont see any diff as far as viewing goes. But I do like the silver better than the black. I only order silver on my new cages. The few black ones I have will become outdoor sun cages soon. I think the silver just looks nicer. Jmpo though....
I agree the cages I have ordered recently have all been silver. I don't know why I just like them better. Screen of any kind doesn't soak up UVB, all it can do it retain heat and allow UVB to pass through to your chameleon. From that point of view black & silver should function the same.
I've got the black ones. I cut up the box and cover it wi black trash bags. The chameleons seem to really pop with the black background. Just my opinion:D
So in other words its 50/50 for you right now. Just flip a coin and go with that ever you like best or buy one of both that way yu can have one cage for indoor and a second cage for outdoor or atleast for standby if you ever decide to get a second pet in the future.
I prefer black, it looks better in the room I have them in, plus the plastic I put around the sides and back (visibility barrier and water containment) is black.
I have a black cage and a silver one and I can see through both pretty much the same. I def. prefer the way the silver looks, though.
in my opinion, it doesnt differ in ability of vision through the screen. It really just matters on what color YOU prefer.:)


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