Question about humidity!


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The best way is spraying the enclosure down a couple of times a day. Remember chameleons need peaks of high humidity, not constant high humidity.

The cage needs to dry out between mistings too.


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There is a post on the forums here about which kinds of plants are ok. Also read through others posts in the enclosures thread to see what they are using. I have a pothos in his enclosure and I'm trying to find a ficus tree to free range.

As for the humidity, I use a basic humidity gauge that sits at the bottom of the enclosure. I got it at home depot for $3.


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really depends on your cham. many use ficus or pothos. i currently use three dracena marginatas(in one planter) for my panther, but he is still younger than a year; the dracena leaves are too long and weak for larger chams to climb on(although they do use the stalks). hibiscus is also a good one, but much tougher to keep healthy indoors(in a cage).


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Also depending on where you are at, like here in Texas it is tough to keep the humidity up so I have to run a cool mist humidifier on a timer also.
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