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Ive introduced roaches to my 8month old vieled.

Question: He will only eat 1-2 out of my hand and i know thats not enough, he will then eat crickets or hornworms after. And he wont touch them at all in his cup. Any tricks here? i want to make roaches his main food but eating only a few a day wont work(im not feeding him big ones maybe 1/2 if that.

Thanks for your help
Maybe No Roaches

Hi Im a new chameleon owner,(3 day owner) and my only answer would probably be just feed him what he likes, which seems like crickets and mealworms. You may want to feed him roaches but for his sake, I would stick to what he likes.:)

Hope I helped!
If you're using dubia roaches then you have to make them appealing to your cham. Sometimes mine won't even touch them in the feeder dish just because they don't move around enough but if I take one out of the cup and place it on a branch where it can move the chams will almost sprint across the cage to get it so try that
My cham never ate feeders from a cup... he would ignore them no matter what was in there. Some chams just don't take well to feeding cups or just take longer to acclimate. Even in free range dubia may crawl for a bit but then they will settle in a corner and not move... try free ranging them in the cage or try offering freshly molted (white) dubia.
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