pygmys from pamona show


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I was very pleased with all the chameleons i saw at the pamona show. Every table there was amazing. I finally got what i was looking for though at no other then the FL chams both. 2 pygmy chameleons sub adults :) i will post pictures in this thread. If you were at the show please comment and tell me what you thought. Any name suggestions would also be well appreciated


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What gender and what species? Any features that make them stand out :) I like the name olive for the green ones and viridian for the bright green ones. :) I named my big male pygmy, Big Yellow Male because I'm not vreative enough... :) Hopefully you are!
cool! congrats on the pygmys. I saw those at the show and wanted to get some but didn't feel ready to bring home more right now - got tons of feeder bugs instead!

Had a great time at the show! Everyone is super nice and their were some gorgeous chams!!


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i got one too!!!

Tiki TIki had some amazing pigmys and my nephew wanted one so we added another one to the collection. Pygmys are awesome. Congrats


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ya there a really neat species thanks. I didn't know tiki had them, but they did have some great panthers. I really wanted one of there nosy bees but i didn't have enough money. My camera is charging i will post the pictures soon
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