Pygmy Chameleon (Brookesia superciliaris) Shedding Video!


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Hey everyone, I just wanted to share this video of my female Brookesia superciliaris eating some shed stuck to her tail. It's quite awesome to see her shoot her tongue at her shed, leverage her body against it, and then proceed to eat the shed. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the moment.

This particular female is named Twig (as many of you know). She is a WC import that has been in my possession for about 5 months now.

Here's the video (make sure that the video quality is all the way up if you can--it's not supposed to be super grainy unlike @javadi's photos):

@Chris Anderson


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Incredible video! I knew my Leo always ate his shed, but I’ve never seen a Cham do it.
Thank you for sharing
I've seen a few videos of chameleons eating their shed, but it hasn't been observed in pygmies. They tend to be even more elusive than the average cham in a well-planted tank. Though I've never seen any of my other chams eat their shed. Thanks for compliment!

That is super cool! I guess that’s one way to get your shed skin off and have a little snack. 😄
Twig is such a little darling. 🥰
Haha, yep! Might as well make the whole shedding process productive! And yes she is! 😄
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