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Hi I am looking to find out where I could get a purple panther for my mom for mothers day next year she has wanted a purple one because I showed a pic of one and she fell in love with it. I would be helping her take care of it I have a pair of Jackson's myself. I would love to get her one next year I am going to start saving now and get her one I just need to find out where you can get one that is purple. Any advice is greatly appreciated. THANKS:D:D:D
Ooo that might be hard to find i have seen some ambanjas with quite a bit of purple. But i also have seen realy purple panthere chameleon crosses. Finding one with alot of purple might take some time to find:)
I knew it would be hard because I have only seen 2 but that is why I am wanting to get it next year so I have time to get the one that has a good amount of purple for her I love her so much and I really just want to make her happy
Yeah, I have seen "purple" barred chameleons, with green or red etc bodies, for sale from various breeders, but I have never seen a majority purple panther chameleon.

That's not to say one may not exist, as I have seen some pictures of purple chameleons (not sure if they were panthers or not though off the top of my head, saw them a while back) but I feel as though your going to have one heck of a time trying to find one lol. Plus, just cause I saw a few pics of them a while back doesn't mean they are real, quite easy to photoshop color onto something post image, also you have to consider even if those photos were real, that may only be a brief color change, maybe in an extremely excited or angry chameleon, where most times it would be a completely different color. The more I think about it, the more unsure I am about it
honestly I just want to get my mom a purple chameleon I really don't mind what type it is as long as I can get it before next mothers day
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