Prospective owner needs some advice


I think I'm going to have to get a chameleon of my own. So, to prepare, I'm reading all your caresheets. Bought the little books available on amazon. Should I get Linda Davison's book also? I see that this site sells it.
Petco have the screened cages for sale at the moment. $85 no matter whether you buy medium or large. They also have a very sweet female Jackson's available, but she probably won't be, after the big reptile sale next week!
This little girl follows you from one side of her glass enclosure to the other, putting her arms up on the glass. Probably thinks we have food when we go by.
She has a little stubbing on her 'thumb', that one of the employees (who's very nice and has been taking care of the cham for a while) thinks is from a shedding that caused a little constriction. The nails aren't as long as on the other side.
Anyway, I know you will all say 'No, don't do it!', and I am trying to resist. But I do like Jackson's a lot, after my trip to Big Island.
I have been reading the forums for a few weeks, and will continue to do so. I'll try and get a photo of the Petco cham, but it's hard without using flash, which I don't want to do.
Thanks for listening. I should also attend South Bay cham meeting. I'm sure that would be interesting!
dont get her.

if her toe seems swollen or infected especially.

shes probabaly WC as well.

dont support petco man.

even if the employee seems nice and knowledgeable they have no business selling chams the way they keep them.

there are plenty of places to get one online in better condition and most liekly cheaper even after shipping.

let someone else deal with the vetbills and stress if she does get sick.
Hi welcome to the forum. I'm glad to see you are doing your research before you buy. It sounds like you have made your mind up on the Jackson. A pic would be good. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there. I would stick to reading care sheets here and asking questions if you are unsure. Good luck in what you decide.:)
If she has health issues I would probably not get her. I, on the other hand, do not see anything wrong with rescuing these poor animals and giving them a loving home. I know many disagree but we all have our opinions.
As far as books, don't waste your money! All yours answers to your questions can be found right here! There are many Jackson's owners if you decide to go that route and we even have two vets who are members who frequent the forum often.
There is a lot of information on this site - be careful not to assume that if it's ok for a Panther your good to go with a Jackson's - have your set up ready and tested I don't see much about drainage but with all the spraying and dripping there are water issues that come up -
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