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So my cham (3-4months female yemen) is going through her first shed with me! It looks like a healthy shed starting from her head going down her body. Shes doing the dog scratch and rubbing against everything she can lol and her color is more vibrant then before! But, I wanna know: how long will this last? when can I expect the next one?and should I alter her food at all?

Thanks ahead of time!
My Veileds usually take 2-3 days for a complete shed. Thats from when I first notice them just about to start peeling, till all the little parts, hands, feet, tip of tail are all free of the old skin. Don't freak out if you see your veiled eating his skin. that's normal.
Every chameleon's shed is different. Mine sheds his bulk on the first day, then usually sheds things like his feet and tail tip the next day. He also sheds about every 3-4 weeks. Young chams should be shedding pretty often. :)

As your lil cham keeps getting bigger, you might need to start offering him more feeders.
My veiled at that age shed within 24hrs, I'd see one tiny spot and a some hours later he was pure white, then before bedtime he was back to normal
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