Promist or Shurflow?


Luke; nice misting site. Too bad it's on the wrong side of the pond :rolleyes:.

Pj; The ShurFlo pump may be just fine for your application but unless you are a real DIY typ of person, you might stick with a ProMist or one of the other pumps and misting products that come from the suppliers that are familiar with our application - reptiles. Customer service issues, especially our "dumb questions" won't fall on deaf ears.
I just finished rigging up a shurflo pump on my enclosure. It works great and is way cheaper than buying a $200 misting system. My whole set up cost me $80. The only thing that I had trouble with was hooking up a power plug to it. I had to ask aroun all over town and nobody could help me. I finally found an electritian who rigged up the power plug for me and it only cost $15. If you do decide to go with the Shurflo, I suggest finding one with a power plug connected already. Or I can take some pics of what you need to get in order to get it going.
I'll post some pics on friday. I'll have to borrow a camera. I'll list all the parts too, if I can remember I spent about 3 hours in the plumbing section of home depot, trying to get all the fitting right.
I can sure appreciate all the input, but I find Dave Weldon's advice most applicable to my needs and capabilities. Not to mention that I have rigged everything myself so far and feel I could do better in the "drip catching" department as I live upstairs on a wood floor. More work to be done there. <G>
Thank you...
And my parents thought photography was an expensive hobby? Sheesh!
At least I did sell one of Fractal's cages that I made for 120.00 =whew!=
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