Prolapsed Hemipenis


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I just got back from taking Yoda my panther cham to the vet because of a prolapsed hemipenis. The vets was great and the price was reasonable. If any one need a vet in Southern California (Temecula) please pm me. The vet did say that when caring for a cham you can not over suppliment. In thirty years he said he has only seen two cases of over supplimenting. Usually the problem is under supplimenting.
It is great that your guy is ok. One of mine had a prolapse and I was a wreck. It seems strange your vet would say people under supplement, I always worry about people who think dusting is turning the food item to a white ghost. I worry about every thing.
I tend to not agree with this Vet-you can certainly over supplement. He may not have seen it, but it can happen.
That suprised me also. The vet sat with me and he spent over 30 mins talking about how best to care for the panther. Yoda's hemipenis was just a little dry from being out but the vet said the irritation should go away as long as it stays in.
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