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I can only find in all the shops i went to which is everyone on the island i live on i can only find exo terra calcium liquid supplement. So i gut load crickets Oaks and celery and lettuce should i use more because i can't find any other things here is some more information
Type: Veiled chameleon
Age: 4 months
Uvb: No (natural sun light when it becomes no sun light then i shall use a uvb)
heat light: Daylight Basking spot (exo terra)
Night Lamp: Infra red
Food: crickets Moving soon to grass hoppers.
Enclosure: 100 Gallon flexirium
enclosure plants : spider plant,Hibiscus,fish tail fern


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If you order online you can find lots of them. Amazon has them, I would just do a google search for them. You might find it easier to get a variety of feeders if you order them online, particularly if you live in an isolated community.


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You'll want to improve your gutloading, offer more variety than just crickets and grasshopper, and you'll want to get supplement powders (the liquids just don't have a good rep).
Sounds like on-line ordering is the way to go for the supplements.
You might consider breeding a couple types of bugs, so that you are not entirely reliant entirely on local shop crickets and online ordering.


As others have said, online is your best bet.
Is your Cham outside? If not, the suns UVB won't penetrate through a window/glass. So you'll need that UVB light. Plus no light at night.
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