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Hi everyone, im glad i found this page:)

Im not sure if i have a problem or not, i just got my veiled chameleon a week ago, and according to the reptile shop guy, he is a 3 months old male. So now, i've been watching other chams all around the net, and they seem to be quite bigger at this age. He eats crickets and waxwroms since he is here, gonna get some more varied stuff as soon as the reptile shop gets some. I dust every food with Serra Reptimineral C.

Attached a photo where you can see hes current size.

Thanks: Bandi


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ok first off welcome to the forums what you need to do is compleat the How to ask for help form it tells other members what your husbandry tecniquies are and is the best way to get accurate info. i will try and find the link now and post back here in a few min.
cute little guy tho

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - 3 months old male Veiled
Handling - i'll leave that for cat/dog owners:)
Feeding - He eats about 2-4 crickets and 2 waxworms a day, also seen him bite off some of the live plants leaves:)
Supplements - sera reptimineral c
Watering - I mist 2-3 times a day, and i also bought a little exoterra cascade. Seen him drink from the cascade a few times.
Fecal Description - Bigger part black, smaller part white
Has this chameleon ever been tested for parasites?-Not that i know of.
History - I boght it a week ago

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Its a glass terrarium, with a lane of screen on top, and one under the door. 80x30x35 (cm)
Lighting - I use a 75W exoterra daylight spot, 12 hours a day
Temperature - 29-30 Celsius in the basking spot, 24-26 Celsius in the bottom.
Humidity -According to my hygrometer, its between 50 and 65, can get to 70 after misting. I mist 2-3 times a day, - 2-3 minutes duration.
Plants - i have a bromelia, a Spatiphyllum floribudum and some moss on the floor
Placement - top of the terrarium is at around 180 cm high
Location - Hungary (thats why i use the european units:p)
hey so a few thing i see,
1. u need a cacium w/od3 to dust with at every feedin ( im asuming thats what sera reptimineral c is ) and a calcium w d3 to use about twice a month as well a mulitivamin to use every 3 weeks or so
2. you need two lights one for uvb rays and 1 for heat most members use the zoomed reptisun 5.0 linear tube
3.i dont know much about plants but be sure the ones u are useing are cham safe and it is reccomanded that you have a bare bottom in the setup as your cham may accidently injest the moss and it can cause serious problems
handeling refers to how often you handle your cham/ remove from cage ect
and im in canada we use calcius too haha

there is a great post by chameleonsinmyhouse for new owners i will find it and post it here for you
i also am new, and with any info you recive make a judgement call based on your situation
also do you know the sex, looks like a small male but im not that good at sexing can you post a pic of his back feet or dose it have spurs little bumps in the middle of the back of his back feet, ( sorry bad description )
Thanks for the link. I cant get a good picture now, but im quite sure he is a male, has the little bumps on his heels.
yep from eveything i know that means male for sure. better for a first cham in my opinion save you the issues with eggs.

good luck and be sure to post lots of pics
I have a little male veiled as well he is around the same age and size. I honestly think it really depends on the Cham some seem to grow faster than others. I do know that I need to get a fresh fecal sample to take to my vet because I am some what concerned regarding his lack of appitite. You too might want to do the same just to make sure there are no parasites. By no means am I a pro at this but getting a fecal done might be a good suggestion. I am sure some one with a better background will be able to agree or disagree with me on that.
He seems to have quite an good appetite, probably he wasnt fed too well in the shop. BTW, does anyone have any info about adding roquette to the gutload?
hi, you should be feeding him a lot more than that. try giving him 12 - 15 small crickets and remove any he doesn't eat.
you wont believe the amount they can eat, especially at that age during a growth period. just make sure you arent feeding him bugs which are too large for him.
you wont believe the amount they can eat, especially at that age during a growth period. just make sure you arent feeding him bugs which are too large for him.

The crix should be no larger than the width of his head between the eyes.
I have got 2 more issues, probably worth asking as a new cham owner.

First thing i suppose is a sign of him beginning to shed, there are little "bubbles" under his skin on his tail, just want to be sure that its not something else.

Also, i would like to ask about signs of dehydration, besides colour of the fecal (i just couldnt find any today, probably its lost somewhere on/in the plants). I'm only worried because i havent seen him drinking for quite a while, altho im not watching him all day, so it might be a false alarm.

Also, i managed to buy some mealworms today, how often can he get those? He had 3 today.

thanks, bandi
you may never catch him drinking, as long as his uriate is white then hes hydrated.

Dont feed him mealworms regularly, use them as a treat and only give a few as they have a hard chitin shell which can lead to impaction.
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