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Hi All,

I requested some info from Bob at Pro-Mist about the PM-50 and this was the info I got, just thought I would pass it along.

" We are just releasing our new Pro Mist™ model PM-50 micro fine misting system. This system offers many features found in our premium models PM-60 & 70 systems and will outperform and outlast other systems being sold. The pump is self priming, is significantly quieter than any other comparable brand, can be operated intermittently or continuously and even can run dry without any damage. The Pro Mist™ PM-50 is covered by a 1 year warranty and has an expected service life up to 20,000 hrs. The PM-50 includes adjustable nozzles that feature our exclusive locking elbows. This allows you to aim the nozzle where it is desired and then the nozzle fittings can be tightened so the nozzle can’t be redirected by accident. These nozzles require a 5/8” mounting hole to secure the fitting to the cage. The tubing is opaque to minimize algae growth and will not kink when bent in a tight circle as other brands of tubing will. Our tubing can be bent into a 1” circle without kinking. The PM-50 can operate from 1 to 12 nozzles with the same efficiency. The complete kit includes the PMP-50 pump, 25 feet of ¼” high pressure kink resistant tubing, 2 model PM-BEP adjustable nozzles and all hardware required to set the system up. It doesn’t include a timer, as many people already have one and we are trying to keep the cost down as much as possible. Optional accessories include our 14 cycle programmable timer, upgraded Pro Mist model PM-MNBQ & MNH nozzles, solenoids and many other hardware components to customize the system as desired. We are offering the PM-50 for an introductory price of $129.95 + $14.95 S&H to the lower 48 states (orders shipped to a NYS address must also pay sales tax).

When you request an affordable system, you have to consider the parts in the system. We are known to only sell high quality, commercial grade components that will provide the best performance and give many years of regular use. In every case, competitors standard systems include a very inexpensive pump that gets very hot, is very noisy and will fail (usually melt down) if ran for more than 4 minutes or too often. Their components are not NSF & UL recognized as our systems are, which assures you that the components do not use any potentially harmful chemicals and can be operated safely as a misting system.

Please let us know if you need any additional information "

Bob Pound [email protected]

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yeah he just got back with me too, im going to request one tomarrow, when i get payed:D. do you know what you all get? you do get everything right?
Well as far as it says in this email from Bob, the only thing that doesn't come with this system is the Timer.
well thats fine as lone as i get everything that makes it mist is all i care about, lol. ill fine on on ebay or somethin, i post one if i find a good one
well i ordered mine, i cant wait for it to get here. i really home it gets here by next week so i can get it all set up and test it out.
This is great. It makes misting system affordable. I couldn't reccomend one of those cheap piston pump systems to anyone, one mistake, an dit's gone. I built one of my own a couple years ago,a nd it was a huge savings over equivilant models. However, I had to wire the pump myself, and get the right fittings - it was a pain.

I'd love to see reviews on this once it's been out a while.
i just got an email saying that he will be shipping his mist system all over, just thought i would let everyone know
I got my ProMist 50, set it up and it runs great. Each 20 minute misting session takes about a half gallon or so of water. The only thing is that my cham is used to the water being really hot and so he hisses at the nozzles and runs. He's turned dark and ticked off. This is day 3 and he hates it. Now that's nothing against Bob's product. It's great. But I will mention, the connection is cheaply made. Do not pull on it at all... mine fell apart and had to be rewired. As for the pump itself.... nice... Great system, just right for the size cages we use. Bob's working on non drip nozzles.
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thats funny that your chameleon hisses at the nozzle, so how long did it take for you to recieve it. they said they shipped mine out sunday but maybe today. anyways i cant wait to get mine
Well after looking at the different options and then looking at my bank statement I decided to try this out.

It was so cheap I have to see if it will work. Should arrive tomorrow.
Anyone tried this yet?

I have used those before for outside setups, and have used very similar setups for inside attached to a sprinkler timer, a valve, and a pump sprayer. They work fine, but you will have to add a timer to it.

So is the PM-50 just the economy version of the PM-60 & PM-70? I just ordered my PM-60 this weekend, but it hasn't been mailed out yet. Rotating nozzles sound great.
I'm curious about what you meant by this. : "But I will mention, the connection is cheaply made."

Could you explain this? (maybe with pics)

I'm looking into buying one and the 'fell apart and had to be rewired' part kinda scared me lol
I have the PM-60 and found that it is made of the highest quality parts, if you feel that there is an issue with the "connection" (what part are you referring to?) you should make sure that it is not simply a defective part. I am sure you will enjoy your 50, I am not sure what the differnces between this new model and the 60 are though.
I'm curious about what you meant by this. : "But I will mention, the connection is cheaply made."

Could you explain this? (maybe with pics)

I'm looking into buying one and the 'fell apart and had to be rewired' part kinda scared me lol

Ok..... I talked to Bob from ProMist and told him the wires at the white plastic connectors from the pump to the power adapter came out of it's slotting. He said that rarely happens and explained how the ends were simply not pulled apart enough to create a "snap in place" when assembled. That if I do that it won't come apart again. He will keep an eye out now that he knows, as well as instruct his team to check this as well. So don't fear that yours will have this happen, ok? Just a fluke.
I use the toro fogging nozzles from Home Depot with the small tubing. The fogging nozzles in reality mist and not fog. The most expensive part of my set up was the timer which i believe was like 35 from Home Depot. During the winter i hook it up to my laundry tub faucet for hot water.
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