price of mulberry in pounds (question!)

I recently started a small colony of Silkworms, and have found a friend willing to barter one of my 5 month old Jacksons' for fresh organic mulberry leaves (she has them on her private farm).
Because I can't find accurate information on the price per pound of mulberry leave...
My question is: how many pounds of leaves would you ask for in exchange for a young Jackson. I'm not sure if she wants a male or female yet, but I know she has *some* knowledge in reptiles and she will have to agree to join this forum, too :)

Thanks so much, all :)


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I would say a truckload would work :) They are all about to fall down soon anyway, might as well go to good use!
Most people will gladly give them to you for free. Tell her a chameleon for a lifetime of harvesting. She will never miss those leaves, and it's less for her to rake.
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