Praying mantis


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Hey all , this is the week I get my first chameleon and I'm lookin into other food sources from him now. I will be feeding him crickets and small worms for the first months but I hate crickets and was wondering how hard it is to raise praying mantis to feed him , what do u feed the mantis , do I need to separate them as soon as they hatch ?
I think preying mantises are even harder to take care of because I heard they kill each other and you soon have to separate them. You also have to feed them either fruit flies or pinhead crickets anyway... I hate crickets too!!
I can do fruit flys no problem , have 4 dart frogs that r eating machines , but can u feed them and of the small worms (meal , Phoenix ? )
If the mantids are to be fed to young chameleons or frogs, they could be fed off immediately. They usually dont start to cannibalize until 2-3 days in. A really large enclosure for them will keep this to a minimum though.

After a few days, youll want them separated, if they are to be fed, and grown.
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