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I little while ago I bought a mantis ooth, it hasn't hatched yet but I have some questions...

Is it safe to feed them? I have 3 month veiled and want more variety than crickets and silks. When they hatch I heard they are about 1/4"-1/2" and this would be when I feed them off. I know they will eat each other if not fed well and separated and I know they have to eat flightless fruit flies. Could they eat pinheads? As the mantids get too big for my cham I would let them go in our garden which is the original reason I bought the ooth. I might keep one as well since they are so cool looking :p lol

Anyways, do any of you guys feed mantids to your chams? Is it safe? Any info on mantids as feeders would be really helpful.

Thanks guys! :)
No matter how much you feed them, they will still cannibalize each other. They can eat pin heads and probably up to week old crix.
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