1. cswan19

    Praying Mantis

    I little while ago I bought a mantis ooth, it hasn't hatched yet but I have some questions... Is it safe to feed them? I have 3 month veiled and want more variety than crickets and silks. When they hatch I heard they are about 1/4"-1/2" and this would be when I feed them off. I know they...
  2. dirklance

    Mantis Ooths from Home Depot?!?!

    Seriously?!? Has anyone every ordered one from Home Depot??
  3. summoner12

    Feeders Feeding?

    Tired of watching veileds grow week by week? YES? I figured. Check out these mantids eating some silk worms. Today I thought 'hmmmmm my mantis are probably hungry....' So I dropped a silkworm into the cup with my smaller mantis. It took a second and then POUNCE! I was impressed and...
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