Pothos not growing ??


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hey, the whole pant buisness is new to me so i bought a pothos offcut onling and it got delivered with one large leade and two smaller ones coing off the same stem, i could see toots so i just put it in a plant pot and its been there for 2 weeks and from what i can tell has not grown.

am i doing something wrong i water it and its on a windowsill ???

any help apppreciated
i read somewhere to put them in water but i bought it as a rooted cutting so do i still need to put them in a cup of water ?
I don't know about putting them in water, but I use cuttings in my fish tank and they do sprout roots and leaves after not too long, but it took them maybe like 3-4 weeks? You'll probably start seeing progress soon if yours already has roots.
thanks for the replies people, does anyone no how long it takes for a pothos to grow to a large size or anyway i could speed up the growth, thanks
I have them all over the house and placing them in water even if the root is cut they will start new roots. Like the others said they do take a bit to grow. Gd luck.
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