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Post pictures of your cages to give others a chance for ideas for theirs. Ill start with mine. I need a humidifier. My chams wont eat out of a feeder cup so there are "wild" crickets.

Give others info on how to improve on their cages!!


Ok after $60 and a few hours of work. I performed an extreme makeover Terrarium Edition.

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I got bored this weekend and rearranged one of the cham walls, now to do the others. I think I will like it, but I doubt I will quit tinkering! My wife thinks I have lost my mind sometimes.

Just wondering where you got your Cage Tednedo?? We are in desperate need of a cage. We are having no luck at all, our Veiled is 11months old and he is in a 20x18x18 Fresh Air Screened cage. It is just getting way to small. If anyone can help us find a bigger unexpensive cage please let us know. Either write something back on here or email us at [email protected]k you
your best bet is to build your cage if you want to keep costs down there are alot of companies that sell larger cages but they are not going to be cheap. if your like me and have alot of 2by4s laying around it wont be that expensive but if you start from scratch it might cost the same as a premade cage but you can custimize it to you needs
LcKyclve4213 at lllreptile (link on the homepage) they sell reptariums. I would think the 100 gallon is the smallest for a male and great size for a female. 16.5"x30"x48" for around $65-70. They sell a 260 gallon (29"x29"x72") if you really want some room. Around $100. They sell some aluminum cages for a little more but not bad prices either.
I made the big cage and the smaller one is two 30x18x30 cages stacked on top of each other.
I removed the pvc bottom on one and the screen top off of the other and screwed them together to make 30X18X60 and it cost about as much as the big cage which is 44x30x74.
Just remember bigger cage = more plants, more lights, more mister heads, & more $$$
This is Rex's setup, small cage 18x12x20 for the beginning, starting to build new big one, will take some time, but will be nice, plus working on the free range setup, will post it when it's done.


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Scooter - if I can make a couple suggestions......get the mulch out of the bottom and put more vines and plants in there for coverage. :)
it's not mulch, that is reptile bark, very good stuff for sucking and drying all over spray. Stays nice and dry. I'm working on more plants and coverages now.
the cam can axidently grab a shaveing of that bark and it can become loged in there throght or it can case compaction do you water the chameleons and how do you deal with any water build-up?

I see some of you use substrates or moss in the cages...I don't use either. Both can cause impaction if ingested....and I don't want to take the chance. Just my two cents worth.
Lynda, I'll answer this for Zerah since we have shared caging plans and strategies with each other. You can see the guy is a neat freak can't you. Looks so tidy and clean. But in each cage there is one misting nozzle run by the pump below the third cage over, taking water from the reservoir beneath it.

Zerah custom molded the bottom trays, and each have a drainage hole in the center. You can see that they lead to a pipe that drops below each cage, slanting towards the right side wall. The drain pipe runs outside to a flower garden that Zerah loves to plant tulips and petunias in when weather permits...

;) Hah!
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