poor pet shop panther


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I saw this panther at a old pet shop today and when he is in side his tiny cage he is all grey. but when i asked to see him and they pulled him out i was amazed. he turned mostly white with blue bars and red rain. They said he is only 6 months but my 5 month panther looks way smaller. any ideas on age? though my fiancee says not to get another chameleon, I think I'm gonna buy this guy and give him a nice big 2x2x4 cage. right now he is in something that looks like a small exo terra over crowed with fake plants and a small water fall.... If i go back today ill take photos of the cage. its ridiculous. also Im still kinda new to say which locales and such. any ideas? is he faly?

All I could think of at the moment is he is possible a cross. I would suggest getting more photos with better clarity and lighting.
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