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So here is the lay down. I have a veiled chameleon who is about 6 to 7 months old im not exactly sure. I used to have a 100 watt basking bulb in his cage about 8 or 9 inches away from his basking spot which i believe gave him around a 100 degree basking spot but im not sure. I Recently replaced it with a 60 watt household bulb thinking that might be a little more appropriate for him. However as soon as i did that i believe it was latter that day but it might have been the next day he started getting alot darker. He went from blue with green and yellow stripes to dark blue with dark green stripes and black spots. I think this happened because he turned darker to absorb more heat and he was lighter with the 100 watt bulb because it gave of more heat so he turns lighter. Does that sound about right?

Chameleon-Veiled,Male,About 6 to 7 months old,In my care for about a month.
Handling- once every 2 or 3 days
Feeding-Medium crickets, about 10 every day,gutloading with complete cricket diet, Calcuim supplement every other 2 days.
Supplements-calcuim with d3/ zoo med, calcuim/ exo terra
Watering-3 times every day and misting for about 10 -15 seconds and i see him drink sometimes.
Fecal-Nothing odd about it looks normal everytime.

Cage- Screen 18x18x36
lighting-Was using 100 watt basking bulb now using 60 watt household, 5.0 uvb made by zoo med. 12 hours uvb and heat, 12 hours of darkness.
Temp-What ever a 60 watt bulb gets you in a basking temp, 73 mid cage ,68 bottom OVERNIGHT TEMP 65 to 70
Humidity-Use humidity gauge and its around 60 to 70 i maintain this by misting
****No live plants
cage located on top of a 2 foot tall desk right next to my snappers cage and there is alot of traffic
Location-New jersey
My reply to your original post:

You're basking spot really needs to be around 95 degrees, you're other temps are definitely on the lower end but shouldn't cause an issue. Does your chameleon seem like he is trying to get to the light? If you're light is on top of the cage sometimes when their temps are to low they will climb to the top of the cage and hang upside down. If that's happening, I'd either lower the bulb if possible(make sure your cham cannot come in contact with it) or put the 100w back on and adjust it's height until you get the right temps. Good luck.
I have a female veil and live in NJ as well so i understand the struggle of temp control. 100 sounds a little high to me (females should be in the low to mid 80s). But mine will get darker and show dark spots when she is basking in her basking spot. How long did u havethe basking bulb in with him? Maybe he became adjusted to the temp and, now with the lower wattage, is looking to get more warmer, hence the darkness? Not sure just my opinion.
If you look at the caresheet you will find that your basking spot should be round 85. And your ambient should be around 75. A 60 watt bulb 8-10 in away is prob. A Lil too far away but without a thermometer you will never know what the temp is.
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