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I have a female veiled chameleon approx 6 month old. Over past week she been acting very strange. Rubbing herself on side of viv,rubbing herself on bottom of viv,slumping a lot on her vines, not eating, still drinking lots. Changing her colour a lot mostly goibg very dark and dull. I'm worried about her. What do people think? Xx
She may be gravid. Has she been pacing around the bottom of her vivarium a lot? does she have a laying bin in with her?

What supplements does she get in regards to calcium and vitamins?

Is her uv bulb due for change and what one do you use? I have found some chameleons go dull near to the time the uv needs to be replaced.
Have a laying bin with her, moist playsand. I have just changed over uv bulb approx 3 week ago 5.0 repiglow. She has a coil bulb and a strip in a hood on viv. She is roaming around a lot on bottom of viv. She goes in laying bin, but no signs of digging. She is actually eating some of the sand,she seems well but weird if that makes sense xx I dust her feed with calcium daily,multivitamins and calcium d3 every 2 weeks.
She may be looking to lay. I would suggest covering the front of her cage to give complete privacy. Everything sounds in order.
I cover her viv from around 3pm ish then uncover in morning. I'm hoping she just lays, she has shown no signs of digging I just hope we can do this. Sandy is my first chameleon. I don't know how to upload pics or I would to she you xx
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