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My fiancé just got a small maybe 2 month old ish veiled about a week ago , this morning it seemed to be doing fine and was ok then about an hour ago it stopped using its front legs and was making a swimming motion , a few minuets later was on bottom of tank seemed to be dead laying on side with tongue stuck out , it also keeps changing from being very dark to bright green , she told me to research so and I’m doing that but thought why not go and ask a group of people with experience , so if there is any advice or ideas but all vets in her area are currently closed so until tomorrow have to keep it alive


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Hi. I’m sorry to hear about your little one. I wish I could offer some hope, but younger chameleons are quite fragile and it sounds as if it is likely too late for your little one. 🥺 Quite often the biggest causes of illness and fatality in all chameleons is husbandry errors - wrong uvb, wrong supplements, etc. No one sets out to make these errors, but there’s so very much bad info out there on chameleons and pet store employees only add to it with their lack of knowledge. There’s also always the possibility of pre-existing illness or parasites or even just a failure to thrive. The majority of responsible breeders won’t let their chameleons go to their new homes until they are at least 3-4 months old, because they are so fragile and can succumb to unknown problems. All I can tell you to do is put something soft, like a towel, beneath your little one and let him grab onto either a corner of it or a small branch or vine and let him pass peacefully. I’m so sorry. 😢😢😢 If little one is still alive in the morning, you could try a vet, but be prepared that a vet may not be able to do much for baby.
Maybe after your grief has quieted, you will want to try again. If so, you’ll need to completely sanitize the enclosure and everything in it. We would be happy to help you get properly set up for success. There are a couple of sites and sources that are current, correct and that set the standards of husbandry. One is and the other is and of course, we all re here and will help you.
Quick update the end possibly just came Fianceé is still unsure , but no movement or response to stimuli/ water spritz, color has stayed the same for approx a minute 30 seconds


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Quick update the end possibly just came Fianceé is still unsure , but no movement or response to stimuli/ water spritz, color has stayed the same for approx a minute 30 seconds
I’m so very sorry. My condolences to you and your fiancée . 😢 It can be very difficult to determine when a chameleon has fully passed. Place him on a soft paper towel and check on him every now and then for any movement. If none by morning (or about 8-10 hours) it is likely safe to then bury baby.
I am on my husband’s account. She still isn’t doing to good haven’t had no movement in a while but she keeps changing colors I have hear that I got her way to young and this stage in their life is hard. Thank you for everyone that is helping and giving advice.
Hate to say it but she did sadly pass tonight she didn’t make it. I have heard from some people she was sold way too early. Thanks for all the support.
Sorry for your loss. Chameleons are not easy at any age but when they are very young they are quite a bit more fragile. Depending on where the cham was purchased can impact the experience you have. If it did not have what it needed prior to you then this rolls over to your care. You then take on prior issues that may not be seen like a weakened immune system or even a respiratory infection.

Basically young chams when husbandry is not on point can die much easier. It looks like yall had a heat lamp quite close to her. At this age they are very sensitive to temps and can overheat and dehydrate very rapidly. So the only lighting recommended is T5HO UVB lighting until they are at the 3 month mark.
If you were keeping her in that tupper wear container this is another issue. The substrate is also a major impaction risk for any chameleon no matter the size.

Should you get another one please let us us know so we can set you up for success with the right enclosure and all the husbandry items.
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