Please HELP! My female Jackson has dark patches that won’t go away!?!?

My beautiful Jackson lady is about 8 months pregnant and is due any time now, I’ve recently seen these black patches appear on her skin and are not going away. At first I thought it was apart of her skin change coloration but soon noticed it stayed even when she changes colors. I’m very worried and not sure if she needs to see a vet. With her being so close to having her babies I’m wondering what this is and if it will affect her babes? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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She’s had the same light setup for as long as I’ve had her. She only has it on her tail and the left side of her body. The patch on her tail is on the opposite side of her body that has the other patch. I’m not sure it’s very likely she fell. I’ve had a camera on her the last three months and check it frequently due to her being so close to giving birth and my wonky work schedule. The discoloration is almost spead out like spray paint it’s the most bizarre thing.


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The light setup might be same...but chameleons may try to bask closer when gravid. How close can she get to the light?
You said she's about 8months you have a male too? How do you know?
She can get pretty close to the light so I guess I’ll love it farther away. I’ve just never had to worry about it before. Yes she is pregnant, I do have a male and they’ve mated by me placing her in his cage. I was lucky enough to see it all go down. And I’m positive she’s pregnant because her stomach has tripled in size since the mating. She looks like a little green balloon.


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move yhe lights higher up. put you hand on the highest part of where it can climb. if it´s too hot for you it´s too hot for her.


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I've seen something like this here before. It may have something to do with the pressure of the babies on her circulation. I will see if I can find the thread but it won't be easy to find.
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