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i'm a little worried about him he's refusing to drink i mist his cage 6 times a day .well he used to just come right up to the nozzle and drink no problem...i have been feeding him a lot of horneworms lately there pretty juicy, but he still not drinking .i put him in the shower 2 days ago hoping it would stim his drinking but it didnt .his poop is largeand solid..but his pee sacks small and yellowish orage for the past week or two!!!.. and since he refuses to drink i've been feeding him more hornworms,what i've tried for two todays was when he'd eat the worms i'd carfully squirt water near him mouth as he ate them, he probable got a few drops in. so i got the syring with no needle, but no luck. he just looks at me "like what are u doing silly, i'm not gonna drink from that!!!good try though!!!!"

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As much as it pains me to say it, you should probably fill in the form.

Copy it, paste it into a text file and add your responses. Save that in case you are ever asked for it again. Then copy and paste it into a reply here.

That said, have you tried giving him water from a syringe (no needle)? When my first chameleon was having drinking issues, I kept a loaded syringe on the top of the cage. Whenever I saw him on the cage wall I grabbed it and pushed water to him. He drank. It became a regular thing. His urate returned to white. It was actually sort of a nice, him and me time.

It's worth a try.
Your Chameleon - veiled, male, 9 months, 6 months in my care
Handling - once a week, i do let him climb out his cage onto a 6 feet high tree next to cage 3 times a week only if he wants out... i do have to put him back in only when he's very calm when i do it
Feeding - right now silkworms, crickets,horned worms and supers.. 2 large silkies, 3 supers and 4 crickets...11 am... flukers commercail gut loader with carrots, kelp and with flukers calcium water cubes
Supplements - rep-cal calcium no phos and rep-cal with d3 no phos..rep-cal multivitamin .....6 day with cal, 1 day with d3 and next week same but with out d3 and with muilti
Watering - USUALLY spray cage until he walks up to spray bottle and very very lightly he licks nozzle..2 times a day mist
Fecal Description - large brown and large white... not tested for parasites

Cage Info:
Cage Type - 4feetx2feetx2feet
Lighting - repti glow 5.0, day light 60 watt...7am to 7pm
Temperature - cage floor 75 to basking spot100 ...Lowest overnight temp60 ...temp gadge
Humidity - humidity levels50-70 ...maintaining these levels live plant and misting... humidity gadge
Plants - 2 habicus plants i large one small
Placement - living room.. no fans, air vents... bottom of cage 3 1/2 feet off floor
Location - los angeles

Current Problem -
Get your basking temps way down-no higher than 90-that should help. If he is eating I would not stress too much-some Veileds are just very closet drinkers.
ok ill do that i the morning with the temp... but he has never never had a problem drinking in front of me...before as soon as he saw that i had the spray bottle he'd rush right down licking his lips telling me he wanted it... now he ignores any atempt, i would mist for 10 min in morning and noon!!!!!!!!!!
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