plants to use!


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i was checking out this site of non-toxic plants to use for reptiles and i found one that i really liked called the purple velvet plant.i use to own a couple until i letthem dry out.well has any one used these in their cham vivs? they are supposed to stay moist neverletting them dry out and their indoore plants i was thinking of putting it in with mty new 3 inch rudis.oh yes i forgot to mention i now am the proud owner of a rudis cham.thanx to reptile depot.he is awsome.i got some pics ill postem later tonight or tommorrow.i thought crested were hard to spot in their enclosure. he probably just stairs at me while i am spending 5-10 min trying to locate him.:D any input would be great.

yep! thats the one,guess i won't b using that one or my rubber plant i got the other day. darn it:mad: thanx 4 the tip though
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