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I see many threads with suggestions on what plants to put in our enclosures.

Is there a list of plants that are bad for our chameleons? Specifically panther chameleons.

I plan on getting two pothos plants, one on each end along with a umbrella and ficus trees as the main canopy support.

The other spots I'd like to add some small plants with vibrant colors. But don't want to buy anything that will kill my new friend.



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All the plants you have listed are fine. There isn't a do not use list as far as I know. As long as you go off the chameleon safe plant list at FLChams your fine.


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Any plant that is listed as toxic to humans and animals is unsafe. Some are just unsafe if ingested, but plants like Alocasia Polly AKA elephant/dumbo ear plants cause skin irritations and should not be used either. Some plants, like the Alocasia Polly, arn't always listed as being externally irritating -- so double check if it's not on the Safe Plant List above -- there are surely some plants that are safe that are listed.
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