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Hello again everyone,
So i finally got my cage shipped to me, and already have everything ready before i get carpet.

Now my question is i do have 2x2x4 cage (for carpet) which i know they can live in alot smaller cages but i decided to go with more room.

Now second question i got this main flower (pic in second post) i know its safe and all, but its pretty hard to keep it alive. It seems like it doesnt like much water (started misting it since day 1 to see how it handles). Now i got that one because i really liked how it looks and would cover alot of space for cham to hide and all but it seems it dont really want that much water. My question is: Is it normal for this plant to be like this or im just doing something wrong.
Now i didnt want to get schefflera cuz it kinda looked like not alot of leafs and all, but if it grows fast i goes im gonna have to go with it. Pothos plants seems to grow rather good now. (5 small ones waiting for em to grow now)
IMG_1238.jpg plant
That's a dracena, or however you spell it. I didn't have any luck with it in my cage. It's dying slowly but the pathos its planted with is growing good. You might need a plant growing bulb so your plants won't die.
we have one of those. Had an umbrella plant in the cage but it was dying so we made them into an outside free range.
Well I repoted plant on like day 3, one thing I noticed it didn't have any soil once I started it was just roots lol and some soil in the middle so I had to straighten roots and all. Since I ain't great with plants wasn't sure or it might affect how it's gonna look for couple weeks.

Also didn't get reply to cage size for carpet, I wasn't sure it it's overkill or no. ( never ha chameleon) if I understand right aslong as they can find food, it should be ok right
Try getting an umbrella or ficus, those are really good an last long in my opinion, also ratein little drops that ur cham can drink off
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