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Hello everybody,

My little veiled spud is doing great. I was wondering about new live plants. Does anyone know if a "money tree" is ok to put in the enclosure I also have silver mimosa (acacia baleyana) and passion melon vine (passiflora quadrangularis) that would be nice for him to climb on. Do any of you plant and chameleon lovers out there know if these will hurt him? I don't want to put them in there until I'm sure there not going too.
Thanks for any input.
Try Using a Pothos Or a Ficus. There is a plant section on the home of this site. Check it out there are plenty of plants and they are rated and have info on then on toxicity and care.
Good Luck,

I don't know anything about the last two plants but, isn't a "money tree" just a manipulated schaefelara (sorry that's a hard spelling bee word). ???
If I am right then it would be safe.
Wash it well.

The money tree is actually a schefferella actinopylla which is toxic. You can look in the Plant DB on here. The shecfferella abricola is perfectly safe for chameleons. It is what I use. Brad put some good close up pictures of the leaves which a determination can be made on them alone.

In my males's veiled cage it now I have one schefferella abricola, drecaena dermenisis and a golden pothos. It has some great looking colors in there and looks pretty cool even without the chameleon.
Thanks Jordan.
That's good info to know.
Mel, if I were you I wouldn't use any of those plants. Better to be safe than sorry.

Yeah Brad, especially the money tree apparently. Spud likes to chew leaves so I don't want to put anything in he can't eat. I've already got some hibiscus growing, also a Schefflera arboricola, I have some pathos but I want it to hang and I haven't figured out how I'm going to do that yet so its not in there. I have visited the plant list many times but I am always looking for new or more.
If you are using a mesh or screen cage it is very easy to hang plants. I secure my hanging plants in the corner. I popped two little holes near the top and ran a twistie tie through it. Once it was it was secured to one side I popped two more holes so I could secure it to the other side. Since I put the holes near the top the plant wanted to hang and pull on the screen. So I ran a vine in front of it so it would keep the weight from sitting on the screen.

you got alot of plant options like for example shefflera is easy to grow from seed,i have about 2dozen of them , then theres pothos which is easy to reproduce from cuttings, then theres your ficus and hibiscus.
you definatly want to be thinking about putting live plants in your cages because its so much easier to keep the humidity correct and the chameleons love the real plants.last march i got a bag of schefflera seeds from ebay for $5 and i used a burpee greenhouse seed tray and all but one seed germinated,now i got at least 2 dozen scheffleras ranging from 5" to 12" and ther'ye all pesticide free im gonna be putting some of them in my baby containers , my plan is 2schefleras and 1 pothos to each baby container.
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