pictures of my cham


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here he is and the cage that i made for him. he dint addapt in 1 week of being in it and was again rubbing his head in the mesh so i placed him back in the old big cage. the black marks are getting better cuz he stop trying to get out.
how old could he be? 4-5 month?
the second picture is 3 days after i got him u can he how bad his bruises were, the otheres one are from today.


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Nice looking chameleon!

There's a little black mark on the right side of the you know why? How long has it been there?
Has it grown at all?
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yeah does are bruises from trying to get out of the cage. he did that for the first 3-5 days? but he stopped doing it and their are getting better, he have them on both cheeks.
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