I don’t think my boy is going to make it :(

sad to post here but i am not sure how this recovery is going to go.

Today is his 6th dose of 10, ceftazidime for a URI. he’s not coughing like he was but he has stopped eating for the last few days, and I haven’t seen him drink in 3 days.

His eyes are a bit sunken, his energy is low, he is uninterested and he won’t stop gasping for air. It’s become a constant thing since yesterday.

The vet gave him fluids yesterday as well as a vitamin shot. Since then the gasping has increased and no matter how much I mist in the evenings like usual, he won’t drink anymore.

Humidity levels are on point, he moved locations in the house a month ago and I fear that lead to an imbalance in his environment.

He had a sunny morning window and had to be placed elsewhere, since then his symptoms and behavior have been odd.

Anything, any advice helps. I’m at a loss and in a silent panic this Sunday. It’s eating me alive I don’t know what to do anymore.


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The vet fucked up yesterday with the fluids and the vitamin A. Since then he hasn’t been right.
I am so very sorry to hear this... I am one that personally does not believe in giving the vitamin A shots especially when the cham has already been getting a multivitamin with A 2 times a month. It is fat soluble and every time in the forum I have seen them do this the cham declines faster.

I am sorry you are going through this. Just know you did all you could. Should you decide to get another chameleon when your ready lets go through your entire husbandry and cage set up. Make sure everything is finely tuned.
I'm so sorry to hear this - if you do believe he is passing, place him back in the cage, in a spot where he can't fall, and turn out the lights, letting him pass in peace. This is only to be done if he is truly at the end, but the wildly changing colors would seem to indicate that he is.
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