Pics of nemo


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I cant relly notice her getting bigger, friends and family do cuz they dont see her all the time. shes nearly 2 months old now.

thought id have a blast with the macro on my cam phone, im surprised with the results!






what d'ya think?:D
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azure? what do you mean(Edit) just googled it...yeah she does go that colour quite often and she had some great greenie/blue lines on her head sometimes
the sun is shining through the window quite strong, she was changing colour all the time, esp when i was getting the really close pics and i think the mirror on the cam might have freaked her a bit
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More pics!
first bit of sunshine ive seen for ages so i kept taking pics.




especially like the last one, she really stands out against the white window sill
She looks great!
concerning "azure" coloring: is she a turquoise? At that age it's hard to tell but she does seem more bluish.
Kitty is a high yellow but at two months would sometimes show a similar color, but not for very long.
Just curious.

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her usual colour is a pale green, but yeah i have seen her go turquoise a few times, you can just about make out the azure/turquoise lines on her head i mentioned earlier. I cant wait till she grows up and shows her adult colours.
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