People say I'm obsessed?


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I "might" take alot of pictures of my girl.
I dont really think I take too many.. maybe 1 or 5 a day?? Shes just so darn pretty. Her grumpy face brightens my day. Her pretty skink might also be the wallpaper of my phone.. (come on though it looks so cool!)
I also "might" send some of these daily pictures to friends and family members regularly.. that doesn't make me obsessed..! right?? Right??!!!?
The upside to my photo taking. I can go back and see all the changes from when I brought her home.
I "might" regularly talk about the different things and cool fact I learn.. to anyone who will listen...
Still doesnt make me obsessed though.. right???

Either way here is todays Pic of my pretty girl. Lol.
If you have a surplus of fab pictures you want to share.. share away. I love seeing everyone's babies as much as my own
(Still NOT OBSESSED!!?!)



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we all are!! lol.. welcome to cham obsessed anyonymous... the first step is admitting....2nd step is completely indulging? the problem starts when you have 5 clutches all hatch at the same
No babies for me unless I adopt a singleton!!!
I have self imposed limits!. Lol


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THis is why I love the albums feature on this site. I have one for each of the boys. I am able to easily add pics I take and look back through them all. EEEKKKKK so fun.

And I have learned not to share my obsession with those outside of the community. THEY just don't get it or my enjoyment over chams lol
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