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So Aprill 11 was our one year together! i celebrated it with cake and a big party. Since he is very orange, i streamlined the place with tht color and made sure the table cloth was that color as well. Later at night i took some pics of him so we can document the day. I just wanted to share them with you. I have a pic of when i first got him aswell. Enjoy!!

P.S-I have more pics from different days as well. If you guys like these i will post some more from a while back that look really awesome and nobody has seen yet!


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wow dude hes freaking amazing, I remember coming to your house when you first got him when he was just a green little thing and now hes a beast.
I love watching chams grow up and change. I like how your cham has a green helmet when his whole body is orange/red. Very nice.
very nice i cant wait for the next 2 days and see my little girl come outa that cup into her new home and watch her grow and change.

yours look beautifull great job taking care of him look happy and healthy
Thank you guys. To chameleon punk: i will be looking forward to seeing pictures soon enough! To Synapse: thank you, and his cap is a light blue in person and turns white. i guess the camera doesnt show it.
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