picking the right chameleon, today!


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im getting my first reptile today, a veiled chameleon. After tons of research and prep like building a cage and testing temperatures, i think im ready.

i have a kinda weird question, and no clue if its even possible..but if i would like to kind of have a smaller veiled chameleon, would i look for a smaller one today? or is that just likely a younger one. they are all about 4-6 weeks old i believe and there are several different sizes to choose from, also i have memorized the tips about choosing a healthy cham :)
I think you will be best served by getting the largest one of the clutch. In nature healthy animals eat the best. In reptiles I think it unwise to take the runt for that reason.
do you know if they are all from the same clutch,if so i agree with dom1959, the larger ones would be more likely to be healthier...
Welcome to the CF :D you said you already know how to spot a healthy cham- GREAT :D its so nice to see ppl doing the research BEFORE they get one - good for you !! :D don't let size fool you- I think it pretty much depends on the cham its self just how big they will get - and if there is a growth spurt going on, ect - I think it is best to get the one that looks the healthiest, even if s/he is not the size you want at the time :) and of course, as SOON as you get your new baby settled in, WE WANT PICS !!! :D :D
4-6 wks? That's pretty young. I'd def pick the biggest male out of the bunch. Make sure he/she is active and alert.
thanks for all the advice, i decided against getting one yesterday though as my cage assembly didnt go as smoothly as planned(having trouble finding a lid that will work.) and i want to pick him up on a day im not busy to make sure everything goes will for him. pics will go up for sure! monday!

im just going to get the healthiest looking male i can find, if its big then its big..my cage is plenty big i believe, its a 19" diameter 4 foot tall cylinder design i found on the interwebs.

any ideas on crafting a lid real quick for a cylinder shaped cage? my intentions were to use a clear planting saucer with my lighting coming down at a side angle that actually worked out better then expected and i wont have to worry about burns as its off the cage slightly. temps are good as well, at least for the next 2 months till ambient temps start dropping.
A planter tray is great to use as both a lid and a bottom ..I had done the exact same thing with my first cage . I had cut lamp dome size holes in the tray as to have lighting from the top but lighting outside the cage and from the side sounds even better..check out my pics there should be a photo of that cage ...all the best of luck with your new cham!
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