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This is my newest addition, Petal the black and white tegu. She's about 5 years old. I purchased her from my local reptile shop who took her on as a rescue. She was very shy the first couple of days & a little dehydrated when we got her home, but she's soon learned to like her new 7ft viv (the reptile shop were limited in what they could put her in) and the daily warm baths. Tonight she took a mouse from me.

She's seen the vet who says apart from being fat, she's healthy. She has a few battle scars (missing claws & scales & a wonky tail) but nothing to worry about. She is on a diet routine recommended by the vet- 1 jumbo mouse per week (her previous owner feed her a rat every 2 days). I'm going to offer her insects, fruit and veg as well, but the vet is skeptical she'll take these. I'm thinking if her new diet makes her hungry she might give it a try but I bet the vet is right. I tried to make her chase the mouse but I guess being fat makes her sluggish cos she just went to sleep lol



My partner preparing her viv:-




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Thanks :D She's so funny. If she's scared or nervous she just huffs & closes her eyes- she's convinced if she can't see me, I'm not there. She's got easier to handle the past few days, at first she kept whipping me with her tail & she is stong!
Lol love that, 'happily fluffy'. The vet wasn't too suprised, apparently captive tegus are generally fluffy lol she's a beauty, I hope she gets to like hanging out with us
wow! thats a fat tegu!
love it tho!
hope you have a great experience with it!

tell me about it! she can't even claim to be big-boned, she's just plain fat lol I'll get some weight off her though, I want to enjoy as many years with her as possible.
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