Pet Health Insurance?

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I was cruzing around today and found a pet health insurance.

I did a quote, and it came out to $9.00 a month with a $50.00 deductible. I only have one cham. I know this may be unreasonable for people with multiple chams but what are your thoughts. Does it sound good. I havent had to take my cham to the vet yet. So I am unaware of the costs of visits and meds. Any help or sugestions would be appreciated.

To be completely honest, that doesn't sound like a bad deal at all. The first time you visit a vet and have to drop $150 - $300, it will easily have paid for itself. I'd just be careful and read the fine print. Make sure it covers everything from exams and xrays to blood panels, surgery, prescriptions and emergency visits.
I don't think that i've ever made it out of the vet's office for under $150. I think that it sounds like a good deal. I'm concidering getting this for my dog, but I think that I have too many chameleons to do it. I wonder if they would do a group rate?
It looks like a good deal. I have had mine in the vet a couple of times now. I glanced through and it looks like I would have paid about $100 out of pocket instead of the $500 something I did pay. I think I might try to take out a policy on my guys because I want to start breeding them and it seems like I could keep it profitable if something bad does happen.
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Jordan said:
I want to start breeding them and it seems like that could keep it profitable if something bad does happen.
Hehe, careful with using the words; "start breed" and "profitable" in the same phrase. :p :rolleyes:

Now if I can just find this in Canada.
I have this insurance for my veiled. At first i was sceptical, but it turns out that it has been the best thing that i have ever done with reguards for preventative care. The only draw back is that you have to pay the vet and the you get rembursed for the bill. I rescued a veiled off of the Nc state campus dorm rooms, and added her to my policy it turned out that she was egg bound and the surgery was five hundered and fifty dollars, but thanks to the insurance I only ended up paying 125 of the bill after reembursement so in all great deal. Get it if you can afford it

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