Peacock Chameleons Rule!!!


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Hey there. I am New to this site. I was reading some past advice on how difficult peacock chameleons are to take care of. I recently got a peacock chameleon and I must say, he has been great. Not only has he been super easy to take care of, but he is super friendly and comes out at least twice a day. He seems to love people and hates going back into his cage. Your probably thinking his cage sucks but it does'nt. He is spoiled rotton and has very large all screen cage with tons of plants and vines and trees. I have only been able to find two articles on peacocks so if anyone knows of anywhere that I can find any info that would awsome and very helpful. He seems to be doing the opposite of evrything he is supposed to and it kind of weird. Maybe someone could tell me why. Thanks in advance.
Post photos of your enclosure and of the cham and we might be able to tell you. What are the humidity, temp and watering parameters of his enclosure. How long exactly have you had it?

My Peackock Chameleon is rad!!!

I don't have a camera so I can't put a pic up but his enclosure is 2 feet tall, 2 feet long, and 1 1/2 feet wide. It is about 70-75 degrees with an 80% humity factor. I have had him for three weeks now. He has a hearty appetite. I feed him a variety fo things. Crickets. Mini mealworms, moths, etc.... I mist his cage about 3 times a day. And I have dripper in there as well. He like to play under it. He seems to be facinated with people. Whatever side of his cage that I am on, he will treck his way over to me and strech out his arm. When I put my arm in his cage, he crawls out with no problems. He has even met my dog a few times without turning colors or getting angry. He has never hissed at me, puffed up, or done anything angry. The more I handle him, the easier he is to handle, but he was just as mellow the day I got him. He is only about 3 1/2 inches long and the guy at the store said he is about a year old.
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Thank you jerm. I like him too. He's really awsome and he loves to come out and play. If you have any info on his kind it would be very helpful. He is my first peacock cham and he seem to like to do the opposite of what he is supposed to. :) I just want to make sure I am doing things right.
I have never kept a wiedersheimi but being a Cameroon species, the temp and humidity sound about right. There isn't a lot of information out there on that species. What you might do is find a more common Cameroon species and go by their perameters.
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I had a similar situation then you when i first got mine, the pet shop received an order, the one i purchased was the only survivor of the four. I originally went to get a veiled chameleon and once i saw the Peacock i thought he was awesome and i had never heard of nor seen one until then. All the pet shop told me was that it was a cousin to the veiled chameleon, in fact, most of the information i did get from them turned out to be false. I think they didnt think that he was going to last long so they just wanted to get him out of there, but after all he is alive to this day. Hard to find info on these guys but i have a Marty Made tank its about 3' and 2.5' wide, a humidifier set up to keep it about 75% humidity, while giving him occasional misting throughout the day. 70-100% is ideal, and these along with a dripper(dripping stimulates them to drink) ensures hydration. I also have a plant i put with the peacock on it in the shower and he turns the brightest colors and will drink for an hour. I keep my temps in the mid 70's with a basking spot of about 80 degrees. At night you can let it get a little cooler, 60's are fine, wouldnt suggest anything lower. They need to eat a variety but mine is sometimes picky, will eat meal worms crickets no problem, but in the summer i catch house flies and have never seen one last more then a split second in the cage. Mine used to be very friendly like yours but as he matured became more independent but isn't unfriendly by any means. I am glad that you like your peacock, i love mine too, all of my friends are bearded dragon kind of guys and dont really understand the chameleon thing so its refreshing to hear theres other people that get to enjoy the gem like i do. Good luck, i am not a vet but mine is doing great so if you have any questions i would be more then happy to help or if you have any suggestions for me i am all ears.
though it would be rather stressful on him, and they generally aren't good at making the journeys (no idea why mine did) im sure you could get one shipped at your own risk which could be a disappointment
i was wondering whats the longevity on the peacock chameleon or mt. lefo's chameleon?i couldnt find any info anywhere.






CB widersheimi hatched March 1 2008
Great photos and congrats. I have a pair I've had for a year. I just introduced the female to the male and no interest by the male, so I took her out of his cage. Any suggestions for future intros would be appreciated.
They seem to respond to heavy rain and outdoor life would be your best bet for a chance at reproduction. Get them outside when temp at your location are in the mid to upper 70's and simulate heavy rain several times a day. They are difficult to breed. I used a fogger for several hours a day everyday for weeks before they were stimulated enough to breed. I also keep them in a glass enclosure with a small fan for a little air movement.
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Thanks for the tip. Humidity seems to be my biggest problem keeping them indoors here in Chicago. Will work on that.
Peacock chameleons do rule!!!! I love this little reddish brown one, and everytime i look at this picture I kick myself for selling her. I do have 10 eggs in incubation though, so hopefully I can join Dean in producing some of them for you all.

Good going Dean!!! How many more eggs to go? Beautiful little guys. Is yours as friendly as the other one? Does anyone know the lifespan of these little guys?

Not much is known about this species other then there are two types. That is the reason why I try to keep and breed them so we can learn about them. For every success I seem to have several failures but I'll keep going tell I get it right.
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