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So i did my first transaction with pay pal and my money still hasn't cleared it said it would take 21 days .i Received money on the 24 th or last month and it hasn't cleared yet???any one with paypal experience know any thing or how long it takes money to clear?

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Thats fairly normal.

They have made it a pain, the waiting periods are supposedly to lessen issues with theft, and scams.


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Paypal is a pain lol. But, if it is your first 2-3 sales they hold the money. Just to make sure. Then when it is on your paypal account you can transfer the money to your bank account which will take about 3-4 days. If it has been that long then call pay pal and they will typically release your funds. Then you can transfer. After a few payment transactions then it will automatically be on your account after they pay.
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