Passed home (bug) inspection


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For those of you who remember the roommate that saw the turkistan roach and freaked, told the landlord and moved, etc. I had the inspection today.
I hid the worms and crickets, (shh buggies shh! <G>) and they missed them entirely. lol No roach sightings. YAY!!! No eviction!!! YAY!!!
Wish I could find another Chameleon keeper to move in though. :D
Yay! Good news, glad to hear it. I would have been on pins and needles, waiting for a turkistan roach to go darting by the feet of my landlord.
Back when I lived at home and I got my first Veilds I had to convince my grandparents (who I lived with) that they lived off of plants and that they only needed crickets like once a month. I always got a good laugh when grandma would wonder why crickets would roam the house at times and why she could usually hear there chirp… LoL… :D
I do have another great story… One time I left the house in a rush and I guess that I did not close the door to me male Veilds cage all the way; at least enough for him to get out. When I got home I herd the story being told to my grandpa who was laughing so hard I thought he was gona bust an O ring.
So like I said Dave got out of his cage and then went on a tour of the house which ended in the kitchen. That day was the day that the house keeper came; a nice lady from down south who spoke VERY little English. Apparently Dave was climbing up the counter via the vacuum extension cord trying to get to high ground, as luck would have it the lady came to move the vacuum as he was on the cord. Dave being the polite veild that he was I am sure he got all puffed up and let out a nice hiss after which I am told that the scream that she let out could have stopped a linebacker in his tracks. She then found my grandpa yelling and hollering about the alligator that was running around the house trying to eat her. Now I am sure a lot was due to poor English but I crack up everytime I hear that story… I would type more, but gotta post about my new Cham.. :D
hahahah GOOD NEWS! Does the landlord know about the chameleon or did u hide her too?

I did not hide him (aka Fractal)... and all the landlord said was, "Elaborate setup."


Another GOOD story Chad! lol ThanX :D hee hee hee

A side story for you: I was at work yesterday "Radio Shack," and we have 6 big screen TV's going. I always put on the discovery/animal planet shows. I was getting everyone in the store excited about looking at the alligators I just happened to look up and see. Then the one had a big male deer type with antlers by the leg and was pulling it backward into the water. More and more until the shoulders and head were only showing. I could see in the eye of the animal that it was going into a kind of "knowing" shock. And I was immediately emotionally cought up. When all the sudden another alligator came out of nowhere, shot upwards out the water and just CHOMPED the whole head of the antlered game in an intstant. I FREAKED!!! My heart went wild and I must have yelped loudly. I just remember the guy next to me looking at me with amusement. I had to go poke out my mind's eye. Geez!
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