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  1. savage13

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    I have noted that orange eye/white lips are more common then another color phase? Does anyone working with yellow lip? I'm in the process of getting one I was always interested in this color phase since Linda and Steve from sticky tongue's farms had they're colony back in the mid 90s..
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  2. Action Jackson

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    There are a bunch of people that have them now. I don't know of anyone that has had a eggs laid from a captive pairing in the US. There are at least two people with eggs from a gravid WC females that I know of.
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  3. savage13

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  4. Action Jackson

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    There are none but with all these WC's coming in there are sure to be people breeding and hatching YL's. It might be a few years before you will have a CBB YL of breeding age though.
  5. I actually think off the top of my head think that the colony Steve and Linda had were Orange Eye's. I have the Chameleon video that they made and the only type of Calumma parsonii parsonii colony they showed were Orange Eye's. Yellow Lips seemed much less common then than they are now in the hobby.

    However with how many Yellow Lips are being exported. I too think it is a matter of time before breeders breed them similar as to recent accomplished breeding of Orange Eye Calumma parsonii parsonii.

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    Jeremy A. Rich
  6. savage13

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    I have my to...Lol...VHS i transferred to DVD like I think 12 years ago....
  7. savage13

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    16 years in the making.. That was the last time i work with this beautiful species in the late 90s i acquired a pair of orange eye/white lip in 2000 i went thru a bitter divorce which i lost everything i never had a chance to successfully breed this wonderful species. Since then i haven't worked much with chameleons at all i started focusing my attention on saltwater aquariums also green tree pythons. 2 years ago my daughter came on a visit with my granddaughter she had a home movie i made back when i had a breeding pair of NosyBe (Blue) pardalis which they produce F6 baby's also had F1 melleri which i acquired from individual and my Parsonii....That the moment what brings me here today i'm back and my objective is to finish what i started try to successfully breed this species in captivity... 3 week ago i acquired this WC cutie he/she settled right in and eating like a pig 14.5gm I'm thinking 3 months.. IMG_03521.jpg IMG_0362.JPG
  8. Congratulations about your new Calumma parsonii parsonii! This Calumma parsonii parsonii is he/she the Yellow Lip you have been looking for or an Orange Eye White Lip?

    Best Regards
    Jeremy A. Rich
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  9. savage13

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    Thank you....I was told orange eye but time will tell..
  10. savage13

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    here a few more pic it seem to love cricket over any other insects i offer lol... IMG_0373.JPG IMG_0390.JPG IMG_0382.JPG
  11. savage13

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    Just wanted to post update weight check yesterday 20.6g all of its food intake just cricket and roaches still not showing interested in silkworms, hornworms,butter worms,super worms

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  12. savage13

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    The weighting...

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  13. Action Jackson

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    Looks like your little one is doing good. I have found the same thing with babies I've had. The seem to prefer crickets and little roaches. My adults are finicky with silks and sometimes horns also. It's funny my Cristifers and Globifers love silkworms but my baby OE's don't.
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  14. Remkon

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    I still love how cuddly them parsonii's look, beautiful pattern on the side too!
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  15. savage13

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    Update will my little one just weighed in at 35.7gm and almost double in size He/she going on 3 months under my care I'm thinking the animal age around 5 are 6 months old. He/ she showing there personalities especially in the morning when I'm ready to go to work and in the evening when I come from work. I always look inside and find him hiding in the rear of the enclosure and in few minutes later find them in the front door like tell my feed me stupid..:LOL:.It's now his daily ritual I'm a slave to this one..:rolleyes: IMG_0551.JPG IMG_0553.JPG IMG_0556.JPG
  16. Decadancin

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    He (?) looks spectacular! :D
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  17. KapitalJ

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    Beautiful! :love:

    We all become slaves to these guys @savage13 :ROFLMAO:
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  18. Lathis

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    What a cutie! :D

    I'm so glad I got to experience a bit of Bucky's baby days. It was so cool to watch his personality slowly develop - and how fast they grow and show new colors!
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  19. savage13

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    I here you Lathis this is my second time around with a young juvenile my first was in the 90s turned out to be a female which I was hoping for. But this one looking more male to me keeping my fingers crossed(y)
  20. Alexander1

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    So dope. If I had more room I would try and save for one but it's out of my range for now..

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