Panther is yellow and orange


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Usually Django is mostly green and blue but the last two days he hasn’t been drinking enough water, his urine has been orange (it’s usually white), he has been very lethargic and then this morning his colors are yellow and orange, which he has never done. I’ve been slowly dripping water on the end of his snout to get him more water but I don’t think it’s enough, I’m very worried for him.
P.S. I do NOT handle him unless need be, we are getting his new cage ready and he had to be moved.


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yes u can but if he starts to exhibit signs of stress like hissing and gapig I would skip that day I finds it best to do every other day or every week so he had some days to rest

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Getting a misting system is very time efficient and convienent....Alot of times when I mist they drink water straight out of the air, they open their mouth stick their tongue out slightly then drink, or shoot their tongue out at water droplets lol.. I spray out a whole water bottle with each cham once or twice a day. Your cham has very unique coloring, very cool!!
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I tried that, he doesn’t like them..
That sucks, I would continue with the shower method until that new enclosure is ready. He looks like he has some great colors. I would recommend some outdoor time if it’s warm where you’re at, nothing seems to make them feel more better than natural sunlight.
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